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Bird Hunting Dog Breeds


Brittany Dog BreedA fast-moving and nimble pointing dog, the Brittany was a spaniel or flushing dog only in it's earliest incarnation over a hundred years ago. Now, the Britt points with the best of them, elegant, flowing coat and intense posture noting a pheasant or quail's location for the hunter.

Biddable, affectionate and loyal, the Britt has a soft, beautiful brown and white coat (the brown can range from light to liver in patches or "ticked," even some roan portions) and infectious spirit. Smaller and lower to the ground than many pointing breeds, the Brittany is as maneuverable as a sports car in the fields and forests.

The breed's history begins with English noblemen crossing the Channel to hunt in France. Many left their dogs with French landowners between seasons, and a number of cross-breeds resulted, one in particular mixing the local Fougeres spaniel with English pointers and setters. That dog ultimately was named for it's home ground, Brittany, France.



18-21" at withers




30-40 lbs.








"Spaniel" deleted in 1982



Hunt Style:

Quick & agile pointer






The Britt is a hard-working gun dog that is also popular as a family member, turning off the "hunt" when it's time to join his master on the couch or at fireside. There is a "French Brittany" that so far has been treated as a separate breed and differs significantly in size and conformation, but like his fellow Britt he too, is a pointer.


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