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Bird Hunting Dog Breeds

Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter Dog BreedLiving in the late 1700’s, Duke Alexander the 4th of Gordon, Scotland was not the originator of the breed, but he did make it popular and thus the name. This black and tan setter moves with elegance in the field and is a fine home companion as well. Few are used for hunting these days, but one can still find field stock if he looks hard. Chiseled head and soft feathering on tail and legs, the Gordon started as a “setting spaniel,” much like it’s English counterpart, dropping to a crouch so the hunter could toss a net over it to capture game. A methodical hunter, the Gordon may not move as fast as his English kennelmate, but for many foot hunters, that’s just fine. A Gordon on point is one of the most elegant scenes ever to grace a magazine cover or oil painting over a fireplace mantle. It’s important for a hunter to seek out field-bred Gordons, as the breed is becoming popular among show ring aficionados interested in a larger, heavier-boned, longer-haired version of the dog. As many an owner can attest, a dog with shorter hair is a boon in the field. Learn more at:



23-27" at withers




45-80 lbs.




Scotland, 1600's




Ancient origins



Hunt Style: