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Bird Hunting Dog Breeds

Brittany Dog Breed

Brittany: Biddable, affectionate and loyal, the Brittany has a soft, beautiful brown and white coat and infectious spirit. Smaller and lower to the ground than many pointing breeds, the Brittany is as maneuverable as a sports car in the fields and forests.

Pointer Dog Breed

German Wirehaired Pointer: Loyal and hard working, wirehairs are master trackers with lots of prey drive, and will bust the brush like a Labrador when needed.

Vizsla Dog Breed

Vizsla: Affectionate at home, powerful in the field, according to the AKC the Vizsla “possesses an above-average ability to take training.”

Deutsch Drahthaar Dog Breed

Deutsch Drahthaar: Drahts are expected to seek out furred and feathered game from pheasants to wild boar, follow a blood track, retrieve all types of shot game on land and water, and of course, protect their human family.

Chesapeaske Bay Retriever Dog Breed

Chesapeaske Bay Retriever: Strong, large, powerfully built for the toughest conditions, this dog has a distinctive two-layer coat: wooly underfur, plus short harsh, wavy jopcoat.

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed

English Springer Spaniel: Hunting with one is a fast-paced, exciting affair, as there’s no pointing . . . just hard-charging dogs pushing birds into the air within gun range.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retriever: A loyal companion, the Golden is among the most trainable dog breeds around.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever: That love of water also made them ideal duck and goose dogs and the word soon spread across the Atlantic when bird hunting became the sport of kings.

Gordon Setter Dog Breed

Gordon Setter: A methodical hunter, the Gordon may not move as fast as his English kennelmate, but for many foot hunters, that’s just fine.

Pointer Dog Breed

Pointer: Pointers were developed in the 1600’s before guns were used for wingshooting, to point hares for Greyhounds to chase.

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Breed

German Shorthaired Pointer: The shorthair quickly became popular with hunters who needed one dog to do it all: point, track, retrieve furred and feathered game on land and water … and serve as family companion.

English Setter Dog Breed

English Setter: The “setter” moniker came from the original dog’s behavior, laying down (or “setting”) after locating game, so the hunter could throw a net over the prey without tangling in the dog.