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Tips On Preserves

Backing Up Bird Dogs
by Michael D. Faw

They're as much a part of the scene on most hunting trips as the shotguns and hunters. They're bird dogs. And though they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, all perform one important function-they find birds. Before you step in behind-or share the blind with-a hunting dog, it pays to know some ...

Ten Tips for Choosing a Preserve Hunt
by Jim Casada

With each passing year, hunters across our country find it increasingly difficult to locate a place to hunt. An endearing part of Americana-a rural lifestyle where it was possible to walk from home, shotgun cradled in one's arm, and enjoy small game hunting-now belongs to a world we have largely lost. Sprawling suburbs, widespread development, soaring ...

Preserves Extend Opportunities for Hunters
by Glenn Sapir

Daily-fee preserves in many states provide an excellent chance for bird hunters to get a jumpstart on autumn's hunting activities. Similarly, preserves may stay open well after general hunting seasons have closed, providing convenient wingshooting long ...

Preserving Wildlife and Rural America (PDF)
by Peggy Boehmer

The gamebird production and hunting preserve industries are important parts of rural America. Built upon foundations of respect for the land and wise-use of renewable natural resources, these industries provide ...